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From Refugee to Remarkable: The Inspiring Tale of Damascus House Syrian  Restaurant

In the heart of London, Ontario, there’s a restaurant that embodies the remarkable journey of the Alabrach family, Syrian refugees who started from scratch to build their dreams.

From Refugee to Resilience: 

In 2016, the Alabrach family fled war-torn Syria, arriving in Canada with hope for a brighter future. Facing the challenges of adapting to a new country, they worked tirelessly to make ends meet. Despite the hurdles, Rasool Alabrach, a trained chef, clung to his dream of opening a restaurant in Canada. The family’s unwavering perseverance struck a chord with Londoners.

The Phoenix Rises: 

In July 2020, just days after the grand opening of their restaurant, disaster struck. A fire ravaged the newly opened Damascus House, leaving their dreams in ashes. The Alabrach family, resilient and determined, refused to be defeated. With the support of a compassionate community, they raised funds to rebuild, demonstrating the strength of human kindness.

From Takeout to Triumph: 

Six months later, Damascus House triumphantly reopened its doors, initially as a takeout restaurant. Today, it stands as a beacon of success, offering over 140 exquisite Middle Eastern dishes, including a delightful selection of halal food. The restaurant’s evolution from a humble takeout joint to an upscale dining establishment mirrors the Alabrach family’s remarkable journey from refugees to restaurateurs.

Damascus House Restaurant:

London’s Middle Eastern Gem: Now, Damascus House isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a testament to resilience, dreams, and the enduring human spirit. It proudly serves as London’s premier Middle Eastern dining destination, a place where the flavors of Syria, including a delectable array of halal food, and the dreams of a refugee family come to life.

Our Food Philosophy 

At Damascus House, we pride ourselves on serving the finest Middle Eastern cuisine in London, Ontario, with a focus on authenticity and quality. Our menu features a delectable array of dishes, including our renowned Lamb Mandi, prepared with tender, flavorful meat and fragrant rice. For those craving the ultimate comfort food, our Shawarma is a must-try, expertly seasoned and grilled to perfection. We are committed to providing Halal food options, ensuring that all our guests can enjoy a delicious meal with peace of mind. And for those looking to unwind and enjoy the vibrant culture of the Middle East, our Shisha lounge offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can indulge in your favorite flavors of hookah. Whether you’re craving traditional flavors or seeking a unique culinary experience, Damascus House is your destination for unforgettable dining in London, Ontario.

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